• Shmuppy / Bobbie

  • any pronouns

  • teacup tiger

  • USA



  • Pokémon: TCG, shiny hunting

  • MMORPGs: World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy XIV

  • Arts and crafts: knitting, scrapbooking, painting, commonplacing

Fursona / Fursuit References

  • I try to keep all artwork of my fursona here. NSFW art is available upon request.

  • You can download my Telegram stickers here.

  • Most photos of my fursuit can be found within the galleries on my links page. If you've taken any photos of me, I would love to see them! Feel free to tag me or send them my way!

  • Reference artwork: Sleepy Thyme Art

  • Fursuit: Ritz Costumes



  • Switch Friend Code: Shmuppy • SW-4580-2382-0921


  • Trading Card Game Live: Shmuppies

  • HOME: Shmuppy • TDEVPLWUZXZU (Shiny Living Pokédex)

  • GO: Shmuppies • 7947-7215-7657 (referral code: PH7W3YC8P)

  • Sleep: Shmuppy • 3198-2298-1791


Guild Wars

  • Guild Wars: Kiri Rowan

  • Guild Wars 2: Shmuppy.2103

Final Fantasy XIV

  • Vela Kasha @ Balmung (Crystal) (contact me for a referral link)