About Me

• Bobbie / Shmuppy
• any pronouns
• teacup tiger
• adult


Discord: Shmuppy#0001
Telegram: Shmuppy
Please note: I'm not always able to respond to "hi" messages, sorry!

Hello, I'm Bobbie! I spend most of my time working, sleeping, or obsessing over Pokémon and Final Fantasy XIV! Please be patient with me! I'm also pretty active on Twitter, if you're into that sort of thing!

Fursona / Fursuit References

  • I try to keep all artwork of my fursona here.

  • You can download my Telegram stickers here.

  • Most photos of my fursuit can be found within the galleries on my links page. If you've taken any photos of me, I would love to see them! Feel free to tag me or send them my way!

  • Reference artwork: Sleepy Thyme Art

  • Fursuit: Ritz Costumes



  • 3DS Friend Code: Shmuppy • 0576-9502-7957

  • Switch Friend Code: Shmuppy • SW-4580-2382-0921

  • Nookazon: Shmuppy


  • YouTube: Shmuppy

  • Pokémon Trading Card Game Live: Shmuppies

  • Pokémon HOME: Shmuppy • TDEVPLWUZXZU

  • Shiny Living Pokédex

  • Pokémon Go: Shmuppies • 7947-7215-7657 (referral code: 2667K68YX)


Guild Wars

  • Guild Wars: Kiri Rowan

  • Guild Wars 2: Shmuppy.2103

Final Fantasy XIV

  • Vela Kasha @ Balmung (Crystal) (contact me for a referral link)